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Why I Rest 

You know Denie Shae and I both love yoga nidra, specifically in the form of iRest®. Not coincidentally, we first met at a Level I iRest teacher training, inadvertently wound up at the same Level II training, and completed our certifications as iRest Teachers in the same year!  Along the way, we developed an abiding friendship while simultaneously both falling deeper and deeper in love with the container and possibilities offered by yoga nidra. In this Sacred Conversation we’ll explore that love and how it’s now vital to our personal sadhanas and our professional practices. Join us for the warmth and excitement ignited in our hearts by this topic! 

February 20th, 2020 

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Winter Wisdom


 Why do we make New Year’s resolutions?What’s the actual energy of the wintertime?What wisdom can we draw from the archetypes and images of nature for guidance in this season? How do we keep the inner fire stoked in a time of cold and withdrawal?

This  online workshop will draw from the traditions of mythology, ecopsychology and Ayurveda as Denie Shae and Rachelle collaborate to bring you practical pointers for staying embodied and connected through Winter!  


January 24th, 2020 

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 “What’s Up With This Body?” 

Undoubtedly a common question to the human experience, during this Sacred Conversation we will explore the mystery and wisdom that is the body. 

Join Denie Shae Martinez and Rachelle Suzanne Rice as we draw from our rich combined experience as somatic practitioners for candid conversations on topics related to body, mind and wellbeing.

November 22nd, 2019

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Poetry & Tea


Just you and two deeply sensitive women bonding over tea and poetry. 

Join Denie Shae Martinez and Rachelle Suzanne Rice for a mini retreat into poetic delight. 

Readings and insights from the poets, artists, teachers, philosophers and practitioners that breathe life into us through the written word. 

All you need to do is brew your favorite cup, settle, and open through the senses of the ears and the heart.

December 20th, 2019  

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Listen Now


Enjoy complementary recordings by Denie Shae Martinez and Rachelle Suzanne Rice. 

This recordings may be free flowing, scripted for certain intentions, in silence, with music and in group settings.


5 Senses Restored


A brief 15 minute yoga nidra practice that invites you into the present moment through the senses, body and breath.

Guided by Denie Shae